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Vanishing Act: The U.S. Government's Disappearing Data
SearchDay, Dec. 19, 2002
More than any other country, the U.S. government has used the web to make a wealth of information available to its citizens. But as we are now discovering, the dark side of web-based information is the ease with which it can be deleted.

Happy Birthday, AltaVista!
SearchDay, Dec. 18, 2002
Seven years ago, Internet pioneer Digital Equipment Corporation introduced what they claimed was the Internet's first "super spider" software, promising unprecedented "blazing fast" searches of the web.

HotBot is Hot Once Again
SearchDay, Dec. 17, 2002
HotBot has been redesigned for the power searcher, delivering, speed, control, and a unified interface to four of the web's best search engines.

Search Engine Lingo
SearchDay, Dec. 16, 2002
The world of search has its own specialized language that can be intimidating at times, but these glossaries offer definitions and examples that will get you speaking the lingo in no time.

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Branding Metrics for Search Engine Marketing?
Can brand marketers apply metrics to SEM? Meet BEI.

Yahoo Targets Holiday Stragglers
Taking its cue from the boom in online holiday shopping, Yahoo relaunches a site for last minute shoppers who need a gift and need it fast.

Text Link Content Ads Aren't Just for Reaching Consumers
Mixing text links with content is easy if you're looking to reach consumers. But what if you're B2B?

Effective Skimming and Scanning
No, they're not the same. To really engage visitors, your site must be skimable and scanable.

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