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SearchDay, Apr. 25, 2002
Todays news headlines from around the web.

Web Search News
SearchDay, Apr. 24, 2002
Todays news headlines from around the web.

Web Search News
SearchDay, Apr. 23, 2002
Todays news headlines from around the web.

Google's Newest Technology: People Answering your Questions
SearchDay, Apr. 22, 2002
Google has quietly introduced a beta program that allows users to post questions that will be personally answered by a professional researcher -- for a fee.

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Search the Web via IM,,10817_1012411,00.html
If you like to use AOL's AIM or MSN Messenger, and you also think Google is da bomb, then we've got the service for you.

Berners-Lee: Prepare for Next-Gen Web Now,1928,2001_1012781,00.html
The Semantic Web, the next step in the evolution of the WWW, depends on companies and organizations embracing universal and open standards, inventor Tim Berners-Lee told attendees at this week's Center for eBusiness@MIT conference.

Would You Pay for Google?
Google just introduced a paid research service. Could paid search be next?

McAfee, Google Offer Glimpses of a Shared Web,2350,9921_1013991,00.html
Implementing technologies such as grid computing, Web services and P2P, McAfee and Google are moving the dream of a shared, global, real-time Web closer to reality.

AOL's AIM Puts Browser Security in Danger,,10818_1014151,00.html
Here's another reason to look wearily at installing a public IM client on a LAN-connected PC -- the AIM client secretly forces an unsafe change to Internet Explorer browsers.

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Online portals news
Overture beats Street, extends Yahoo deal...
CNET Apr 26 2002 11:55AM GMT
Yahoo Japan doubles profits, Softbank sees loss...
iWon Apr 26 2002 9:52AM GMT
Online legal issues news
Practitioners' use of online law reports: Implications for law schools...
Web Journal of Current Legal Issues Apr 26 2002 5:13AM GMT
Domain name news
'.us' goes up for grabs...
netimperative Apr 26 2002 4:14AM GMT
Online search engines news
More Google API Fun...
Research Buzz Apr 26 2002 1:57AM GMT
Critics poke holes in Google's success... Apr 26 2002 1:25AM GMT
Online marketing news
War against spam brings grim news for your inbox... Apr 26 2002 1:25AM GMT
Domain name news
FTC Settles Domain Scam for $375,000...
Internet News Apr 26 2002 1:02AM GMT
Online search engines news
Zeus Upgrades Link Building Tool to Impact Search Engine Rankings...
URLwire Apr 25 2002 8:40PM GMT
Online marketing news
Study: Local Advertisers Uninformed About Web...
AtNewYork Apr 25 2002 9:53AM GMT
Online search engines news
Autonomy sees profits grow...
ZDNet Apr 25 2002 9:29AM GMT
Online portals news
$54bn loss recorded by AOL Time Warner... Apr 25 2002 9:22AM GMT
XML and metadata news
Government and Finance Industry Urge Caution on XML...
XML Apr 25 2002 5:48AM GMT
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