Vote Now for the 2001 Search Engine Watch Awards!

The Search Engine Watch Awards recognize the best in search over the past year, as determined by the editors of Search Engine Watch. Reader votes can help us in making our decisions. We've put a voting form online for you to cast your votes in ten different categories.

The award categories are:

˜ Outstanding Search Service

Here's your chance to vote for your "favorite" search service of any type. Nominees include both crawler-based search engines and human-powered directories.

˜ Best Meta Search Engine

Nominees in this category are all web-based. If you use a desktop client like BullsEye or Copernic, use the write-in form to case your vote.

˜ Best News Search Engine

Nominees in this category range from headline "scrapers" like Moreover to full-scale news search services provided by Northern Light and others.

˜ Best Image Search Engine

Image search seems to have finally come into its own during the past year, with AltaVista, FAST and Google all offering standalone visual searching.

˜ Best Design

Which search engine has a look and feel that you like best?

˜ Most Webmaster Friendly

If you run a web site, which search engine does the best job sending you traffic? If you don't run a web site, please skip this category.

˜ Best Paid Placement Service

If you purchase placement -- where you pay by the click or by the impression for a guaranteed position -- who has the best program? If you don't purchase placement, please skip this category.

˜ Best Paid Inclusion Service

If you purchase inclusion -- where you are only guaranteed to be included in listings but not necessarily to rank well -- who has the best program? If you don't purchase inclusion, please skip this category.

˜ Best Search Feature

What do you think is the best particular feature offered by a search engine? Customization of results? Field searching? We're especially interested in your votes here.

˜ Best Specialty Search Engine

Is there a search engine that helps you seek information in a particular area, such as science, the law, the "Invisible Web" or another area?

Please cast your vote as soon as possible. The voting form will only be online for about a week. The winners will be announced in late January or early February.

2001 Search Engine Watch Awards - Voting Form

2000 Search Engine Watch Award Winners

A list of last years award winners, with more detailed descriptions of each award category.

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