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Speed Searching with Lycos Fast Forward
SearchDay, Feb. 14, 2002
Lycos' new Side Search feature adds a new link to search results that lets you easily preview pages without having to click back and forth to the result page.

Biography! or, Searching for Famous People
SearchDay, Feb. 13, 2002
When you're searching for dirt on famous people, skip the major search engines and use these targeted, highly specialized biographical databases instead.

Google's "Search Recipe" Contest
SearchDay, Feb. 12, 2002
Google challenges programmers to write code that does "interesting" things, with a cash prize and a VIP trip to the Googleplex as a reward.

AltaVista Offers "Shortcuts" to the Invisible Web
SearchDay, Febuary 11, 2002
AltaVista is making it easier for searchers to delve into reaches of the Invisible web, providing "shortcuts" that point to high-quality deep web resources that other search engines typically can't see.

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Is Pay for Placement Ethical?
When the almighty dollar owns the top slot of search engine results, does anyone win?

An Eye on Third-Generation Search
AltaVista's philosophy going forward.

Optimize Your Home Page for New Visitors
Rather than preaching to the choir, use your home page to evangelize new visitors.

Who's Linked to My Site?,,10296_971331,00.html
This ECTalk discussion focuses on tools that Webmasters use to identify what other sites are linking to their own.

The Game of the Name
The recent flea circus over allocation of generic domain names is a tale of regulatory mismanagement and administrative red tape.

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