What if Amazon Were Free?

Online Books has links to more than 18,000 English works in various formats that are all free for personal, noncommercial use.

The Online Books Page (OBP) is updated with new material several times a week. A visit to "New Listings" page will show the variety of content you'll find throughout the collection. It also illustrates the dedication and hard work of the OBP's founder and editor John Mark Ockerbloom who began the project as a student at Carnegie Mellon University.

Ockerbloom is now employed at the University of Pennsylvania (they also host the site) as a Digital Library Planner.

The OBP is searchable by author and title. You can also browse the collection by author, title, or subject.

The site also has other additional information for fans of online books. Major parts of the site include pointers to significant directories and archives of online texts, special exhibits of particularly interesting online books, and information on how readers can help support the growth of online books

For non-English readers, the site provides a good directory of online book sites with non-English language material.

2003 is the tenth anniversary of the Online Books Page. Congratulations John on a job well done, and keep up the great work.

The Online Books Page
A searchable and browseable collection of over 18,000 English works in various formats that are all free for personal, noncommercial use.

"New Listings" Included in the OBP Collection
Content is added several times a week. Those of you who are building your own collections will find this page indispensable.

Specialty Archives and Other Online Book Collections
Links to archives focusing on content from arts and crafts to women.

Curling Up with a Good Book Search Engine
SearchDay, Apr. 10, 2002
Looking for an interesting read? These book search engines can help you find new titles and authors based on your personal tastes and preferences.

Search Engine Forums Spotlight

Webmaster World Forums
"Why should I worry about search engine optimization if I am doing sponsored listings?"

Google cache
The I-Search Discussion List
"Yours is a fairly common problem many people have with that Google cache. So here's a bit on a) getting rid of it, and b) on preventing it from happening again."

PageRank is a crock?
ihelpyou Forums
"Why do you think Google doesn't have paid inclusion or 'trusted feeds?' A PFI program would let the participants 'buy' a certain amount of PageRank by including more pages."

Teoma 2.0 officially unveiled
ihelpyou Forums
"...I have certainly noticed more action from AJ. They were not even on the referral chart a few months ago, but they seem to be around the fourth to fifth highest referrer."

ATW unveils several new options, features
Webmaster World Forums
"...Advanced query language is the advanced searchers paradise. All the special commands plus the boolean expressions consolidated in one handy page."

SearchKing vs. Google - latest
Cre8asite Forums
"Google's motion to have the case dismissed was not accepted by the judge, and the idea that Google might have to turn over their algorithm isn't so 'out of the question' after all."

The I-Search Discussion List
"Global campaigns aren't global they are actually regional. Every country and region is different. Knowledge of user preferences in that region are necessary for implementing a successful campaign and submission/Inclusion strategy."

H1 tag
ihelpyou Forums
"Does Google allow the use of reformatting this tag with stylesheets to make a word more important in your page but show it as a normal word..."

Search Engine Forums Spotlight courtesy Search Engine Guide.

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