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Wish List for Yahoo Pay Per Click Marketing
Search Engine Watch Forums

"...Yahoo is having its Global Sales Meeting Jan. 10-13 and they are looking for a list of things we would like to see added to their program.... so let's start a wish list and I will pass it along..."

Google to Partner with Wikipedia?
Search Engine Roundtable Forums

" Do you want wiki results at the top of Google for informational searches?"

In-depth 301 Redirection Tutorial
Cre8asite Forums

"It explains the problems associated with incorrect redirection from the SEO [search engine optimization” point of view, explains the HTTP codes and why 301 is the correct one, and then goes on to give code examples of redirection using PHP and mod_rewrite."

Google Groans Under the Massive Data Load
Webmaster World

"...Google lamenting something about processor power going up but the energy cost/processor power ratio not decreasing enough such that one of Google's main concerns now is not having enough processor power but the cost of powering all those processors going up too fast..."

Google to Hold Onto AOL
Search Engine Watch Forums

"It sounds like AOL is going to get promotion on Google through ad areas. AOL content will either be promoted via AdWords or a new special ad section will be created."

Matt Cutts Explains How Google Crawls and Ranks Pages
Search Engine Roundtable Forums

"Very simple explained - especially good for rookies. Also, gives some great ideas on relevance - makes me think about linking."

What Happens on the Road, Stays in the Blog
Small Business Ideas Forum

"...with the cell phone cameras and laptops, what a person says and does can be quickly picked up and transmitted to outsiders who weren't present at the original situation. There's an increased chance for more people to experience their '15 minutes of fame' but in today's world, they may not be happy about which of those 15 minutes they're famous for!"

Content is NOT king!

"...not every 'king' is a good one. Some deserve overthrow. So it is with bad content. Most content needs expensive and chronic SE [search engine” gimmickry because it can't rank without it. You can see how this plays right to the content-isn't-king bottom line of SE firms. A more productive discussion might be to see how good content and good, targeted traffic, work to complement each other."

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