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Meet the Search Engines!
SearchDay, Sept. 6, 2001
Key executives from AltaVista, FAST, Google and Inktomi open their kimonos and share facts, tips and secrets about their respective search engines.

Wisenut, the Google Killer? Nah...
SearchDay #88, Sept. 5, 2001
The media is heralding Wisenut as the scrappy underdog that's supposedly going to topple Google from its "throne" as the king of web search. Not likely -- here's why.

New at Quickbrowse
SearchDay #86/87, Sept. 4, 2001
Quickbrowse shifts to subscription model, offers enhancements; news from around the web.

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August 2001 Netcraft Survey Results
The results from the August 2001 Netcraft Web Server Survey are in. For the first time in the survey's five-year history, the absolute number of sites found declined, with 30.8 million Web sites responding to the survey. Netcraft attributes the decline to failures and business model changes at several mass hosting companies.

Pother Envelopes ICANN Gathering
A storm brews over South America as Uruguay prepares to host ICANN's September meeting. Proponents and critics converge again to debate issues including domain slamming and its not-so-at-large membership.

The Case of the Missing Affiliate Traffic,,10380_879031,00.html
As an affiliate you should be aware of Predatory Advertising — also known as Contextual Advertising, Theftware, and ScumWare. Whatever it's called, your browser or browser plug-in may be stealing your traffic by mysteriously embedding links on your Web site content.

The Power of Atomz,2350,10576_879091,00.html
A once-simple search box service (that now touts 44,000 customers) and content-management software that may soon tangle with the likes Vignette StoryServer is positioning Atomz -- a two-year-old San Bruno, Calif.-based ASP -- as a potential giant-killer.

U.S., SafeWeb To Smuggle Info Into China,2198,3531_877251,00.html
Partnership designed to build a U.S. computer network to help Chinese Web users get information banned in their own company.

EGGads! Confusing Word Couples
Meryl Evans continues her quest to squash out glaring grammar gotchas on the Web with "Confusing Word Couples." These problematic sweethearts like "anxious & eager" and "who & whom" are commonly misused and Meryl is here to be your personal word marriage counselor.

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