BBC Launches Google Powered Search Engine

Responding to UK searchers' frustration over search results geared toward American websites and advertisers, the BBC has launched a "family friendly" search engine powered by Google.

The site, described as "free from commercial pressures and safe from undesirable sites" is an outgrowth of BBCi's charter to "act as a trusted guide to the Web" for UK residents. Though powered by Google, results are delivered with a hierarchical preference given to the most relevant UK websites. Users can also limit results to UK only sites.

In addition to Google powered search results, the BBCi editorial staff has compiled a list of "recommended" sites, adding a small but useful directory component to the search service. According to the site's FAQ, BBCi editors recommend websites that:

- Benefit a UK audience
- Educate and entertain or are genuinely useful
- Are judged to be the best at what they do
- Are accurate and reliable sources of information
- Cover their subject area thoroughly and imaginatively
- Contain up-to-date information
- Are easy to use and fast to load

If you're interested in search results with a UK orientation, combined with editorially selected recommended sites, the BBCi search engine is worth a look.

BBCi Search

Why is the BBC taking on Google? Search me...
The Independent, May 3, 2002

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