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A company specializing in uncovering criminal connections and terrorist networks has released a visualization tool that reveals hidden relationships in Google search results.

anacubis, a subsidiary of intelligence analytic software company i2 Group, has made its Google Viewer available for free download today.

The anacubis Viewer automatically represents "entities," such as people, organizations and locations, as small graphic icons. It then shows the relationships between entities as specialized link types -- for example, president, business type, address, and so on.

With Google results, each web site is represented by a website icon. To get more information about a particular result, right click on its icon and select "expand links" or "expand related." Expanded results show linkages among and between particular web sites.

As you find more and more useful information, you can continually add it to an ongoing "view" of your results. To make the picture even more focused, you can filter unwanted results or delete them completely from the view.

Other tools allow you to rearrange the view and its linkages according to your own preferences.

The anacubis Google Viewer is one of a growing number of tools that help you visualize web search results, showing relationships between them. I wrote about the TouchGraph Google viewer in January. I'll also be taking an in-depth look at visual metasearch engine Kartoo very soon.

If search results that go beyond a simple list of text results appeals to you, take a look at the anacubis Google Viewer.

anacubis Google Viewer
From this page, click the link for more information and download for the anacubis Google viewer.

Visualizing the Web with Google
SearchDay, Jan. 8, 2003
The TouchGraph GoogleBrowser shows you what the web 'looks like' to the search engine, visually displaying the linkages between your favorite web sites.

Kartoo, a metasearch engine that uses a unique visual interface, recently launched a new version of its service.

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