Threadwatch Tracks SEM Forums

Search engine marketing forums can be great reading, but finding the best stuff among the chaff can also be hard. Threadwatch is a new blog from long-time forums participant Nick W, where he highlights threads he likes. Thanks to SEO Book for the catch!

Want more forum recap resources? Search Engine Guide has for ages given a rundown on the best three or four threads from various forums in its free daily newsletter. Search Engine Guide also kindly provides a recap of these for our own SearchDay newsletter, which runs on Fridays (here's an example from last week).

Need to search across the many search marketing forums out there? Check out Marketing Forum Watch for that. OK, our own Search Engine Watch Forums aren't yet indexed there, but they're working on that.

Finally, where are these forums? We have a small list in the lower left-hand corner of our own forum site -- look for the Forum Roll box. We've also just had a discussion on this topic naming even more: Important/useful SEO/Webmaster Forums. Head over to that thread if you want to comment or discuss this post.

Postscript: I should have also mentioned originally that the Search Engine Roundtable blog from Barry Schwartz (AKA rustybrick) is an outstanding place for forum recaps, as well. It's definitely worth a subscription or regular visit, if you want to keep up with topics. It does a great job recapping various key issues.