Some Google Print Follow-Ups

In my article on Google Print yesterday, I noted in the version for SEW members that electronic copies of books aren't being accepted at this time. Tara Calishain highlights that this means plenty of digital copies in libraries won't yet be included: Google Print, Google Print, Argh Argh Argh.

As for Project Ocean, a rumored plan by Google to digitize the Stanford Library, Tara says that Google itself still has no comment on such speculation.

Barbara Quint also touches on the issue of picking up on electronic copies in her write-up: Google Print Expands Access to Books with Digitization Offer to All Publishers.

Meanwhile, Gary checked in with Amazon yesterday. They say the Search Inside The Book service has 100,000 titles at the moment, but they won't say how many they add each month. For more on Search Inside The Book, see the end of my Google Print Opens Widely To Publishers article.

In case you missed it, Gary also blogged some tips on searching the full text of books outside of Google and Amazon: More Full Text Books, plus how libraries can get you access indirectly to such material: The Virtual Reference Service.

Finally, want to see how Google Print results now appear in OneBox display? Visit Dirson's Example Of The New Google Print.

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