Google Offers Advertisers Logo Certification & Other Aids

Google's launched a new Google Advertising Professionals program designed to assist those who manage multiple AdWords accounts on behalf of others, such as search marketing companies.

There are three aspects to the new program:

The logo is only available to those who have passed an exam, who have at least one or more accounts through My Client Center for 90 days and who spend at least $1,000 per month via those accounts. There's also a $50 exam fee, which Google says goes entirely to the company managing the test.

What if some people try to misuse the logo, to suggest somehow they are approved to handle Google's unpaid listings, as well?

"We'll look out for that and make sure it doesn't get misused," said Salar Kamangar, director of product management at Google. The company has published rules of use for the logo.

Interestingly, only individuals can be considered certified by Google, not companies. This means that search marketing companies will have to be careful to say that they employ qualified Google Advertising Professionals, not that the companies themselves are qualified. Google said a company certification is something it may consider for the future.

The move helps Google more fully match support Overture offers to third party ad managers. That company has long provided its Ambassador program that supports -- an indirectly gives a stamp of approval to -- search marketing companies. The program was just recently expanded to include traditional and interactive agencies.

Overture UK also offers an accreditation program, launched back in 2003. It's described more in this article for Search Engine Watch members, Overture UK Launches Accreditation Program.