Blog-Safe Content Links To Come From HighBeam

Years ago, Dave Winer helped negotiate a system that allows bloggers to link to the full-text of New York Times articles and have those links work even after the article has been pulled back within the NYT's archives.

Now HighBeam is doing something similar, beta testing a "blog this document" feature so that bloggers can link into material that in some cases might otherwise require a subscription to access. Or at least, that seems the plan. A bit more on this via ClickZ: HighBeam Picks Locke for Blogging Initiative.

Want to try? Sign up for notification over here. And how to do that New York Times linking? I believe it's something built into those using the Radio Userland tool, and Aaron Schwartz has maintained a tool for others to use. It's easy and great -- just enter a URL, then you get a link back that brings up the full-text of the article.

FYI, I tried to reach that tool today and couldn't get through -- I suspect it's just a temporary problem.

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