Keyword Prices Rise Again, But Only Slightly

The Keyword Price Index from Fathom Online for December showed a 2 percent rise from last month, the smallest month-to-month change since the index began in September. The average keyword price rose from $1.66 in November to only $1.70 in December. The chart below gives a per category breakdown:


Dec. 2004

Change From Last Month

Percent Change





Consumer Services
























Consumer Retail








The only category to see a drop was consumer retail, a decrease of 3 percent over last month. Previously, this category had seen double-digit month-to-month increases.

Fathom attributes the decrease -- which seems odd in the middle of a busy consumer shopping month -- to the shorter retail cycle for online merchants:

"The online market buying season ends earlier because of the shipping window," said Chris Churchill, Fathom's CEO, in a release with the stats. "eTailors begin tapering off the keyword buying starting December 10th because they are facing fulfillment and shipping problems?a lot of business in too short a time. Similarly, online starts a month earlier (before Thanksgiving) because consumers are taking into account the shipping time. So it all makes sense and is actually a longer buying season for eTailors then for brick and mortar."

In other changes, the automotive and broadband categories saw their first month-to-month rises since the index began, while the mortgage and consumer services categories had their third consecutive month of declines.

FYI, I calculate a 2.6 percent rise from last month, which would round to 3 percent. Fathom cites 2 percent, so I'm going with that. The difference is likely due to rounding of the prices they report publicly. Working from rounded figures can produce such small discrepancies.

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