Revenue Model For Free Products? We'll Figure It Out Later, Says Google

The new version of Picasa that Google rolled out today is offered for free -- and the old version lost its $30 price tag soon after Google acquired Picasa. So how's it making money? That's not something Google's worried about, for the moment.

Free-for-All Could Pay Off for Google from the LA Times looks at this Google model of building a quality product and figuring out how to monetize it later. Locking people into an array of Google services may prove profitable for Google's current ad-driven model, down the line.

Covering similar ground, Entrepreneur lets Google fly with his creation from USA Today looks at how Picasa general manager Lars Perkins was freed by Google not to worry about the revenue side of things. Google units include social networking, photos, maps from USA Today also recaps some of Google's many services that don't cost users but also don't necessarily earn money for Google right now.

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