Your Press Release Point Was???

The point of a press release is to let the world -- and in particular the media -- know something new that your company has done. In contrast, this press release Gary spotted does nothing of the sort. From an SEM firm, it's more a news article about Google's support of the nofollow attribute that any announcement about the company. Nice article -- but press release? No.

It's just another sign on how press releases, as I've written before, have become a trusted feed for Google News. Do a search for google at Google News and what do you get? This "press release" coming up to in the news results. It also does well for a query on search engine marketing, which ought to please the firm that put it out, given they make ample use of links within the release to describe themselves with those words.

The firm's not doing anything wrong, by the way. They can put out whatever they want as a press release, and plenty of other firms make use of them now purely as Google fodder. The fault lies with Google. It's come under fire for carrying press releases within its news service in the past, a problem that was largely solved by specially labeling press releases as such.

Now that more and more press releases aren't really releasing anything, it's overdue for another look at how the service carries this material. The same is true of Yahoo and other services that allow press releases to be injected into their systems. In the meantime, here's a post about another recent absurd press release, which in term links to more.