GoFish Multimedia Shopping Search: IceRocket Deal & Closer Look

Multimedia shopping search engine GoFish gained its first significant partnership this week, now providing the multimedia results for meta search engine IceRocket (this PDF press release has more details). Significant is a relative term, of course -- while IceRocket counts billionaire Mark Cuban as an investor, it has practically no usage or brand reach compared to one of the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo or even Ask Jeeves.

How about some more about GoFish? We've covered it briefly here, GoFish For Meta Music Searching, but I took a closer look for this post. On the site, you'll find Audio, Video, Mobile and Games tabs. Going in turn:

Audio: Dominated mostly by bringing back matches for online music stores or audio book information. Who are the providers? GoFish didn't provide a list as requested. Looking at the site, Napster, MusicMatch, iTunes and Buy.com are just some of the music partners I've spotted. There may be many more -- and a list explaining exactly what GoFish taps into would be very useful. Audio book listings seem to come from Audible.

In short, this seems like a nice way to meta search for music you may want to buy. For example, here's a range of options for purchasing Aimee Mann's I'm With Stupid album. But when it comes to buying individual songs, choice might get more restricted, as this example for Long Shot from that same album shows.

Video: Searches here seem to be dominated by places where you can buy DVDs online, so it feels like more of a DVD shopping search engine. But some multimedia videos that can be purchased are also shown.

The key thing is, unlike a Yahoo Video or AOL's Singingfish, the content here is not originally crawled nor for free. This is more a meta search for places where you can buy video content. What would be cool is if it did meta search of some of the many free video search sites that are out there. Gary has a roundup of these here: A Look At Other Video Search Tools.

Mobile: Ringtones, wallpaper, games for your mobile or cell phone -- searching here brings back matching results. So if I want the Thunderbirds theme for my phone? Here are matching results. And as with audio and video, the results are from places where I can purchase the content, not get it for free.

Games: Like the other categories, do a search here and you'll get back matching computer game products from various vendors for sale.

In the end, calling GoFish a multimedia meta search site would be a misnomer. This is a shopping site for multimedia search -- and very promising, if you're looking to purchase that type of content. I'd like to see a list of all the providers it taps into, or at least a sampling of major partners.

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