Google Maps Not In Google Search; Comparing Services & How Do They Do That?

Nice catch from Tara, finding in Google Maps Not Integrated into Google Search? that the new Google Maps service launched this week has yet to replace either Yahoo Maps or MapQuest in what comes up in Google web search results. C'mon -- make it an option :)

Meanwhile, nice story from the AP pitting Google Maps against MapQuest, Yahoo Maps and MSN Maps and finding those services aren't replaceable yet. MSN gets marks for going beyond North America and driving features. But Yahoo gets a "hands-down" win for ease of use and functionality. But Google is praised for looks-and-feel, plus the cool ease of dragging maps. For more, see Google's maps aesthetically appealing, but features need work.

Meanwhile, how does Google Maps work? Via Boing Boing, here's an explanation.

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