Google Toolbar Currently Showing No PageRank Scores Across The Web

Google Toolbar PR Meter Gray Across The Web at our Search Engine Watch Forums covers how for two days now, the Google Toolbar's PageRank meter hasn't been showing ratings for sites all over the web. Such a move would be a nice way to help end PageRank obsession, as I've written in the past. But it's almost certainly a temporary glitch, rather than permanent disabling of of PageRank displays.

It's a holiday weekend in the US, so a delay in fixing this isn't surprising. Barry at Search Engine Roundtable provides a summary of points to add further support that the toolbar meter isn't suddenly going away. Threadwatch has more discussion plus links to other search forums discussing the issue.

Think the toolbar ought to be disabled? Replaced with something else? You can comment on that or vote for options in this SEW Forum thread, What should Google do about PR in the Toolbar?

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