Google Denies Pulling Anti-Clinton Ads

Running Anti-Clinton Banners from has Google saying no. Ads that were initially approved continue to run. However, Google admits that some ads were rejected as advocating against a person, as opposed to a political agenda. The author and publisher of a book about the Clintons claims that all ads were removed. More from them in this press release.

Did Google pull anti-Bill & Hillary Clinton ads after initially approving them? Google Defends Not Last month, Google came under accusations of favoring liberal ads after removing a conservative ad that mimicked the same wording as a democratic ads. Flap Over Political Ads Underscores Problems With Google Delay In Reviewing Ads has more details. See also Google Posts New Ad Guidelines which explains that political ads are allowed, as long as they take issue with issues, rather than individuals.

FYI, neither the DMNews story nor the press release say what keywords were involved, so I can't check on the ads. However, a search for hillary clinton brings up both pro and con ads, plus eBay hawking merchandise:

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Clicking on the first ad also led me to this page at Amazon, where the book in question is being sold. So I'm assuming that at least some of the ads the press release complains about being removed are in fact still running.