Click Fraud Roundup

Time for another clickfraud round-up. What have we got? Here we go, newest to oldest, all in one breath!

Wired reports on search engine BlowSearch's technology that the company says will stop click fraud in its tracks. Click fraud (I prefer clickfraud as a single word, but I've lost that battle) is estimated from being a low percentage of clicks (say the major search engines) to 20 percent of clicks or higher (so split the difference, says John Battelle). Meanwhile, there's a boom in auditing firms underway, the Wall Street Journal tells us. There ought to be, what with people getting pitches about how someone will send them fake traffic for a cut of the take. Can't afford one of those fancy third-party firms? Frank Watson has some simple tips on looking for log oddities. Looking at logs like he suggests left one advertiser unimpressed by the "zero second" clicks they got from paid listings on Kanoodle -- the unimpressed again after giving it a second chance.

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