Speaking At SES San Jose & SES Blog Coming

I know a lot of you want to speak at our next SES San Jose show. I know, because I'm getting a zillion messages. So here's the deal:

Did Ya Pick Me To Speak? is my current rundown at the new SES Blog on where I am with the speaker selection process and what to do if you've asked to speak but haven't heard back.

Session Openings

I am still taking pitches for the sessions below through July 27. The are all on the first day of the show. THESE ARE THE ONLY SESSIONS WITH OPENINGS. Yes, you can still pitch FOR THESE SESSION even though the How To Speak page says the deadline has passed. However PLEASE READ the How To Speak for further details on how to properly send a pitch. If selected, you'll hear by July 30. If you don't hear, you weren't picked. Please don't pitch unless you are appropriate for the panel and can fill the specific need I have. Otherwise, you're just wasting my time and yours.

Mobile Search
I'm looking for one or two marketers to be on a panel about how they've dealt with making content accessible through mobile search. I don't need someone to do an overview of mobile search players. I need people who have real experience with getting their content out via mobile. You'd likely have a 10 minute slot to do a case study presentation.

Earning From Search & Contextual Ads
I'm looking for a marketer, particularly from a fairly large site, wanting to share experiences on getting going with adding search to the site and making revenues off of that. Expect a 10 minute talking spot. I already have one person experienced with contextual placement to take part. I might have space for another to participate in Q&A. If you're a vendor of a contextual product, tell me briefly -- briefly -- how long you've been around and the type of distribution you have, as well as why you'd be a good choice for publishers to consider above other choices.

Partnering With Search Engines
Done a big business deal with a major search engine and want to share lessons with other marketers, such as on cobranding or something other than carrying search results and contextual ads? I've got an opening for a 10-15 minute slot to share and then take part in Q&A.

For more news and advice on speaking at SES San Jose and SES in general, see the Speaking category at the SES Blog.

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