Yahoo Confirms HotJobs Crawling - What's Old Is New In Job Search

Matt Marshall from the San Jose Mercury News offers up an interesting read in Yahoo to 'copy' jobs to beef up its listings that takes a look at the new HotJobs database of open-web content that we blogged about last week. The new Yahoo/HotJobs service officially launched this morning. Here's the official announcement.

One comment about Matt's article. He writes, "Job scraping is fairly new."

I would argue that job scraping (for example, crawling company web sites for employment listings) would fall into the, "what's old is new" again category since a major online employment database once provided this type of service.

Officially launched in 2000, a site/database called crawled the open web looking for job listings on company web sites. Here's how FlipDog described itself: crawls the World Wide Web and links to job openings found on employer Web sites.

Five years ago there was even talk (similar to what Matt discusses in his article) about FlipDog doing for free what others charge for.

Interestingly, in May 2001 TMP Worldwide (the parent of HotJobs competitor, acquired FlipDog from the now defunct WhizBang Labs who originally developed the job search engine to showcase their data extraction technology.

Today, redirects to One has to wonder if will either resurrect the service or use/enhance the FlipDog technology to integrate open-web job listings into their primary database.