New Ask Jeeves Sponsored Listings Program Launched

The rumors are over. Ask Jeeves has officially announced a new automated paid listings service today, Ask Jeeves Sponsored Listings. It will let anyone purchase ads directly on the Ask Jeeves network rather than having to buy placement via Google or work through an Ask Jeeves account rep. Today's SearchDay article, New Ask Jeeves Sponsored Listings Program Lets More Advertisers Buy Direct has more details. The version for SEW members goes into more depth on topics such how Ask Jeeves may cope with the "hassle factor" of convincing advertisers they should go direct, how it may show more than three of its own ads, making use of the "standard" Googe format, issues with potential ad duplication and how Ask says it developed most of the technology internally, though it won't name the third party company also involved -- and isn't worried that Yahoo might seek a patent infringement claim on paid listings. Want to discuss? Join our forum thread, New Ask Jeeves Paid Listings Program.

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