Google's Matt Cutts On Link Selling: Sites Might Not Pass Reputation; Buyers Might Get Targeted More

In last week's O'Reilly In Debate Over Link Selling, I looked in particular at Google guidelines and how they said not to buy links to boost rankings. Google spam fighter Matt Cutts now expands on that in his Text links And PageRank post. Selling links might not get a site banned, but it might prevent it from passing along reputation. Meanwhile, Google might crack down on those buying them -- which has one search marketer wondering if link purchaser Yahoo needs to lookout, while Gary Hat Search Engine News jokes that an Intent-O-Meter may be on the way.

For Search Engine Watch members, the longer version of this story takes an expanded look at the points Cutts makes and the Yahoo link buying.

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Postscript: See the new Matt Cutts Comments On Reputable Sites & Link Selling thread for much more discussion of the issue, and also check out the comments below Matt's original post.

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