Hey President Chirac -- French-Based Thomson Sold Off Search Technology You Now Want To Fund

Earlier I wrote of the French government wanting to provide loans to help develop a European-based multimedia search engine, an effort to help counter perceived threats to French and European culture by the dominance of US search firms. Something was nagging at me. Why did French firm Thomson -- one of the partners seeking loans for the new service -- sound so familiar. Oh, yes. It's because Thomson used to own a multimedia search engine. Perhaps you've heard of it. Singingfish.

That's AOL-owned Singingfish. Thomson bought the company in 2000 (with nary a word about European encroachment into the US search industry), then sold it to AOL in 2003 (with nary a word about undermining French ability to protect its culture through search in the process).

So now having owned multimedia search technology and sold it, Thomson needs loans to start afresh? Maybe it could use the proceeds from selling the multimedia search technology it used to own?

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