Ask Jeeves Offers Smart Search Box with Hurricane Katrina Info

I just noticed that Ask Jeeves is now offering a Smart Search answer, located at the very top of the web results page, when search terms indicate that the searcher is looking for info about Hurricane Katrina. I checked a few other web engines and noticed that AOL Search is the only engine to offer something similar. Other engines only offer news headlines on web results pages.

This new AJ Smart Answer is not only useful but also a good illustration of how Smart Search results can save the searcher time, clicks, effort, and aggravation getting to quality resources (maps, imagery, relief info, etc.) about a particular topic. I'm a big fan of it!

In some cases, Jeeves offers up factual answers mined from well-known web reference tools. In other cases, a Smart Search box might provide direct links straight to quality resources about a particular topic, event, etc. You might want to think of it and similar types of Smart Search results as easy to access "bookshelves" of quality links.