MSN's Katrina Flyover Offers Many Before-And-After Views Of New Orleans

Katrina Flyover is a new MSN Virtual Earth-powered service that lets you click on camera icons scatted throughout New Orleans to get a birds-eye, before-and-after view of the city in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

I found it a bit buggy, especially in Firefox, where I couldn't get the "after" images to load and the "before" images didn't fill the window properly. It didn't work at first with Internet Explorer, but after reloading, I got along fine.

There's lot and lots to explore. It would be easier if you could see the camera icons when zoomed out just a bit beyond the default level, but you can't. So be sure to scroll around the screen once you see the camera icons, to see just how many points have been mapped.

Chris Pirillo gives some background info here on the project, which was captured by planes last week. Robert Scoble points to this brief mention of the project by one of the developers involved. Robin Good has an excellent review with screenshots and background information here.

See also our past Looking for Katrina Images On Google & Yahoo and Post-Katrina Images On Google Maps, Elsewhere, People Finding Project & Wiki Resources posts for other ways to see views of the area.