Google Testing Notification Of Banning To Webmasters

Nice scoop over at Threadwatch, coming off a thread at Search Engine Forums! Google Pilot New Webmaster Communications Initiative at Threadwatch covers a new Google program where Google is emailing those who run sites where they spot things they think might violate their guidelines. Google's Matt Cutts is going to blog more, but he comments over there:

Google is trying out a pilot program to alert site owners when we're removing their site for violating our guidelines. JavaScript redirects are the first trial, but we've also sent a few emails about hidden text, I believe. This is not targeted to sites like, but more for sites that have good content, but may not be as savvy about what their SEO was doing or what that "Make thousands of doorway pages for $39.95" software was doing. Personally, I think opening up a line of communication to let webmasters know when we're taking action is a really good thing--a site owner doesn't have to guess about what happened. But again, we're starting with a trial program. I'll blog about it more soon. [Note: Matt's blog is here]

Yeah, communication is great. It's just odd that after years of being told it was impossible or difficult to provide some type of "is my page OK" tool for webmasters to use, now Google's proactively doing it. Such a tool has been dismissed as potentially helping spammers.

The email sent says that a particular URL was removed and lists some reasons why, along with a note that it will be pulled for at least 30 days unless content is changed and a reinclusion request is done.