Former Google Chef Charlie Ayers Starting His Own Restaurant

While Google is still seeking a replacement for its former celebrity chef, Charlie Ayers, Charlie's plans post-Grateful Dead, post-Google are now public. From Google to Noodles: A Chef Strikes Out on His Own from the New York Times covers how he's going to open his own restaurant in Silicon Valley. Aside from investing some of his own money, former Googlers and private groups are backing him. Name of the restaurant? Calafia!

If that name sounds familiar to some readers, it's because that's the name of my consulting company, Calafia Consulting -- and I own the domain. I'm a native Californian and named my company after a Spanish story of California being an island ruled by Amazon women.

Charlie loves California as well, having heard the story behind the name at a Grateful Dead concert from a woman at the show. It stuck with him, he told me, and he's always had it in mind as a name for a future restaurant.

He doesn't have a site yet live for the restaurant, so I can't point you at that. But I'll do a follow up when it opens, plus I'll be linking to it off my home page, just in case anyone ends up at the wrong place.