Google TV Coming - Expect Both GiVo & TVSense

Spotted via Inside Google, news from Adam Lasnik of a job posting for a product manager for Google TV. Google TV? Yeah, we and others have written before about how TV is going to converge with search. I talked about the Windows Media Center as one part of this earlier this year. TiVo Talks to Google and Yahoo from April provides more examples. The job posting shows Google's planning to move well ahead with TV plans, both with making more television searchable and getting ads out there, as part of it. Wonder if we'll be seeing contextually-targeted TVSense-like ads coming, now. Some highlights:

In this role, you will provide leadership on product vision and execution of projects that enable using Google's search and advertising technologies to enhance users' Television viewing experience.

You will identify key market trends that are shaping user behavior when watching Television. These include but not limited to the intersection of Internet and Television technologies, Video-On-Demand, Personal Video Recorders and emergence of next generation set-top-boxes with IP connectivity. You will then identify areas where use of Google's search and advertising technology can enhance this user experience and define appropriate products to deliver these user benefits. You will work with UI designers and software engineers to conceptualize and develop these features.

As part of this role, you may also be required to interact with strategic partners in the telecom and cable segments across the world. As part of these interactions you will be required to present product and business strategy to senior executives at these companies and work with them to deploy these products in their network.

That last part is going to be fun. Some execs haven't been happy with Google Video having just upped and taped content off the air, with the Wall Street Journal having reported, as I covered earlier, that some "hit the roof" and the president of digital media at CBS feeling they hadn't show "proper respect" as a partner.