Emcee James Fallows Expects Blogorrhea Leaks Of Google Zeitgeist 05

Reader P. Webster sends me word that in the current edition of transAtlantic, a rundown of happenings related to The Atlantic magazine by that publication, "Google Zeitgeist 05" emcee James Fallows is expecting news of the off-the-record event to leak out. It writes:

Fallows admits that with guests representing "a zillion blogs" and some of the biggest U.S. newspapers, it's unlikely that anything will remain a big secret. He doubts there will be articles with Mountain View datelines, but with so much attention focused on Google these days, he anticipates "a fair amount of 'blogorrhea' on this subject."

Fallows is friends with Google CEO Eric Schmidt, which lead to him participating in the event:

In fact, Google's CEO, Eric Schmidt, and its founders, Sergey Brin and Larry Page, recently invited him to emcee their technology conference, Zeitgeist '05: The Google Partner Forum. (Fallows met Schmidt and his wife, Wendy, both avid Atlantic readers, on a book tour in the 1990s, and their families have remained friends.)

For more background on the event, see my original post, Google Zeitgeist 05: Featuring Press & Bloggers But No Blogging Or Coverage Allowed and the News.com follow-up to that, Google invites 400 to 'off the record' event.