Didn't Google Just Have A Birthday?

No, you aren't losing your minds. Just earlier this month, Search Engine Watch and a wave of other sites wished Google a happy 7th birthday on September 7. What's going on with Google having another 7th birthday today?

The wishes earlier this month were sparked by this page from Google's Help Center. It's now gone, but here's what it said:

Google's official birthday is September 7, 1998. If Google were a person, it would have started elementary school late last summer (around August 19), and today it would have just finished the first grade. In other words, we're just getting started. To discover more about Google's history, please visit http://www.google.com/intl/en/corporate/history.html. To learn about our mission, please see http://www.google.com/intl/en/corporate/index.html

For the time being, you can see a cached copy of the page yourself here.

So what's the deal? How does Google get to have two birthdays in the same month? Google's Marissa Mayer told me when I asked her about this earlier this week that Google internally has often celebrated the birthday on various different days in September over the years. It's now settling on Sept. 27. Google the Virgo becomes Google the Libra!

Honestly, it's hard to not have a cynical eye that settling on this date was also a convenient news peg to hang the new size announcement. But now that there's this new official date, I guess there's no going back from it.

For those unaware, Queen Elisabeth II has both her "real" birthday and an official one that the United Kingdom celebrates. The Netherlands does the same thing, as other countries no doubt do, as well. It's sort of like how Lincoln's and Washington's birthdays used to be holidays of their own in the US, until it was more convenient to have an official Presidents' Day holiday always happening right against the weekend.

So as Gray Hat News points out in is humourous The Queen of Search Engines post, whatever Google's real birthday was, we've not got a new official/observed one to follow.

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