Ted Meisel Leaving Yahoo

Ted Meisel is one of the smartest, far-thinking people I know in the search ads space. He should be, as the last president of Overture, before it was purchased by Yahoo and turned into Yahoo Search Marketing. Now Meisel, senior VP at Yahoo who has continued running Yahoo Search Marketing, is leaving.

Changes at the Top at Yahoo! Search and Ad Sales Units at ClickZ has more about the move, announced as part of Yahoo's earning call earlier this week. Meisel leaves at the end of the year. ClickZ reports Yahoo saying he's leaving to "recharge, spend time with his family, and pursue public policy interests."

Let's hope Yahoo's got some good lock-in on what Ted might want to do after he's feeling a bit more recharged, lest he decide to perhaps take up a new challenge with MSN or Google. In the outright war over search talent that's been going on, he's a heavy hitter now departing the playing field.

Gregory Coleman will pick up oversight of Yahoo Search Marketing's ad sales side as executive vice president of global ad sales. Jeff Weiner, Yahoo senior vice president of search and marketplace, will oversee product development aspects of paid search. More also from the New York Times here and AdWeek here.