MSN & British Library Partner On Book Search Project

We wrote earlier that MSN was getting into the book search game. Last Friday, another piece of the puzzle came out. MSN announced that it would digitize about 100,000 books through a partnership with the British Library.

Hmm. Isn't that what got Google into trouble? Yes, because Google is scanning both in and out of copyright works. So MSN will stick with only out-of-copyright public domain works, correct? Not necessarily from reading the MSN announcement:

We will predominantly focus on digitizing out of copyright material in this partnership.

Predominantly isn't the same as exclusively -- sounds like some copyright material might be getting included. But the AP reports:

Microsoft and the British Library stressed that they will be choosing books only from the older end of the library's vast collection of 13 million titles, as these have long fallen out of copyright.

The press release over that the British Library web site also says that only out-of-copyright books will be included.