Amazon Touts Offline Local Films

Just got an e-mail from promoting the feature film "Bee Season's" opening tomorrow. It's also promoting a new opt-in service: local movie and showtime listings, e-mailed weekly.

They're certainly hitting a broad, broad customer base. I didn't buy that title on Amazon, but I've certainly bought books by women.

As someone who has purchased books by Myla Goldberg and novels by other women authors, we thought you might like to know that "Bee Season," the new film based on Goldberg's acclaimed first novel, is coming to theaters. Starring Richard Gere and Juliette Binoche, the movie is opening in selected cities on Friday, November 11, and will playing nationwide soon--and Movie Showtimes will have showtimes and locations in your area.

Interesting, and very logical, way for the company to exapnd customer touchpoints, hook up with studios, and promote book and DVD titles at