Lycos Europe Ordered By Dutch Court To Reveal Member's Identity

Dutch Court Orders Lycos To Reveal Client's Identity from Dow Jones has the supreme court in The Netherlands ordering Lycos Europe to reveal the identity of a Lycos user who is said to have posted slanderous allegations against an internet stamp dealer, apparently on pages that Lycos Europe provides to its members.

You may recall that many were up in arms over Yahoo handing over information about one of its members to Chinese authorities that led to the dissident being imprisoned. Some wanted Yahoo not do business in China or relocate servers outside of Chinese jurisdiction.

Now it will be interesting to see if Lycos Europe comes under similar pressure not operate in The Netherlands or Europe to help protect the privacy of its members -- a real challenge considering it is Lycos Europe that we're talking about.

I suspect we won't see a huge outcry, given that we're not talking about a dissident here, plus China generally being a hotter button for people than The Netherlands in terms of privacy issues. But P2Pnet is at least one site that's upset with the ruling, worried that this move will help entertainment companies that might go after individuals over music downloads.