Daily SearchCast, Dec. 14, 2005: Google Homepage Becomes More Customizable; Google Accounts System Needs Better Accounting; Been Googleshanked?; Google Library Scanning Project Turns 1; Yahoo's Reality TV Program; AdWords Get Bigger & More!

Today's search podcast covers Google letting developers help others customize its home page; Yahoo Konfabulator being renamed Yahoo Widgets to reflect the software widgets it makes available; Google Accounts needing to be improved and streamlined; the terrible feeling of being Googleshanked; Google's library scanning project turning a year old; Google TV ads -- at least on public television; Yahoo's reality TV show that's coming; Google making the NASDAQ 100, AdWords now ranked in part on landing pages, plus they go up a font size; a new search engine forum; voting for your favorite search blog; the most popular searches of the year at AOL and more!

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