Google Firefox Extensions For Anti-Phishing & Popping-Up Google Blog Search Results

New Firefox extensions over at Google highlights that there's a new anti-phishing tool now out for Firefox users plus a new add-on that lets you see what people are saying about pages you visit through Google Blog Search.

Google Safe Browsing for Firefox is the anti-phishing tool, similar to the Phishing Filter Add-In for Internet Explorer with the MSN Search Toolbar. More about that in our past post, TrustWatch & MSN Offer Anti-Phishing Tools To Searchers & Surfers.

Blogger Web Comments is the Firefox extension to show you what people are blogging about relating to pages you are viewing.

What happens is that when you go to a particular page, a little window pops-up in the lower right-hand corner of your screen. It will show you a comment from someone on a blog that's linking to the page you are viewing. You can also click to see more "comments," which is a handy way to check what people are blogging about the page you are reading.

These are NOT just people using Blogger that are commenting via blogs. Instead, what Google's doing is simply generating a backlink lookup on Google Blog Search and showing you the summary of the first thing listed on that page.

For example, here are the backlinks to the Search Engine Watch home page. The first thing on that page at the moment is:

Google Adds Music Search Feature
33 minutes ago by Bruce Houghton
GoogleGoogle this morning added a music search feature to it's popular search
engine. Type in for example "Pink Floyd" and the top result featured includes a
photo of the artist, a bit of information, and a link to "More music results ...
hypebot -

In my pop-up box, that got turned into:

GoogleGoogle this morning added a music search
feature to it's popular search engine. Type in for...

You can also use the "Add comment" link in the pop-up box to add your own comments about the page. What this really does is send you to your own Blogger-based blog (or suggests you open one). But to "comment," you simply need to have a page that shows up in Google Blog Search that links to the page someone is viewing. Remember, however, that over time your "comment" will drop down the list.

More about Google Blog Search is covered in our past articles, Google Launches Industrial Strength Blog Search and Thoughts On & Poking At Google Blog Search.