Google Worries Traditional Marketers & Google Print Ads To Enter New Phase

A twofer of stories out of MediaPost looking at how Google will be trying new things with its Google Publication Ads program, a program which is one of the latest things to get traditional marketers worried that Google may be making moves on their turf.

Google Readies 'Phase Two' Of Print Ads Project covers Google about to try new things in a second phase of its print ads program -- but what exactly these will be, the company isn't saying. BusinessWeek found recently that some advertisers were less than thrilled with the program, so perhaps pricing or formats may change.

Google Begins Agency Outreach, Recruits Traditional Media Buyers from MediaPost covers how Google's reaching around ad buyers directly to advertisers, as well as an expansion of ads into the offline world, is making some traditional ad buyers nervous.

Google counters it's doing more to work with ad agencies, from training programs to having "agency development managers" to and the creation of new products. Google's also apparently recruitment more people with traditional ad backgrounds. Gary's covered previously how there are a ton of jobs going for the print program.

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