Google Patent May Shed Light On Google Suggest & Speeding Up Search Results

New Patent Application Explains Google Suggest over at Search Engine Roundtable points at and summarizes Bill Slawski's discussion at Cre8asite about how a patent application for Google Suggest reveals that it may gather terms from most popular searches, hot news searches, recent searches and most used searches. Bill's also got a very nice blog post, Can Google Read Your Mind? Processing Predictive Queries, on how the prediction could also be used to cache search results for anticipated queries and speed up answers even more.

Poistscript from Gary: As I've pointed on several occasions, Google Suggest is not the first tool to offer dynamic search term suggestions. In fact, other resources not only point to potential results but also take you directly to a specific page. This recent post about a new "find as you search" feature from offers a look at several of these tools.

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