YouTube Pops Above Google Video Thanks To SNL Clip

So here's a mashup for you. I wrote earlier about YouTube and how I didn't really trust Alexa data to prove the popularity of anything. Gary wrote of a popular Saturday Night Live skit being shared through places like YouTube and Google Video. LeeAnn Prescott over at Hitwise puts the two together with some nice charts to show YouTube's rising popularity plus a big boost it got thanks to that SNL clip.

SNL Chronicles of Narnia Rap causes YouTube to Overtake Google Video Search is the rundown, and you can see how it caused a big uptick at YouTube -- so much so that YouTube overtook Google Video in usage. But also note that YouTube has been steadily gaining for the past few months. The Hitwise data I trust more than Alexa monitoring, so color me convinced that the service is growing! Yahoo Video remains well above both of the other services, however. What's not growing is AOL's long established Singingfish site.

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