Google Pack Software Bundle & Pay Per View Video Coming From Google, To Be Announced At CES

Via Threadwatch, Google to Offer Video Downloads, Software That Rivals Microsoft's from the Wall Street Journal says that Google cofounder Larry Page will announce in his CES keynote this week that Google will offer pay-per-video downloads through Google Video and a new "Google Pack" bundle of software that people can download.

Per-per-view video or video for purchase is no surprise. Google's already said it would do this. It's simply been a matter of timing, so perhaps the time -- Page's first CES address -- is right. Rumblings supporting the Wall Street Journal's story are out there. Garrett Rogers has spotted per per view screens in the wild, along with perhaps a new video software program coming.

The Google Pack would bundle Google software along with other software such as Norton AntiVirus, RealPlayer and Trillian. Google's given no previous indication something like this would be coming. However, the company did recently do a bundling deal to put its applications on Lexar flash drives, the latest in a series of deals.

There's also an arrangement with Sun for distribution of the Google Toolbar, a bundling deal with WinZip to distribute the Google Toolbar and Google Desktop, a similar one with InterVideo and a long-standing one from 2004 to put the Google Toolbar with RealPlayer.

Interestingly, one of the bundled applications within the Google Pack will be the Adobe Reader. Adobe already has a partnership with Yahoo to include a cobranded Yahoo Search toolbar within copies of reader that Adobe hands out.

Postscript: Please see full details at Google Pack Offers 1-Stop Downloading Of Software and Google Video Store Opens