Google Pack URL & Info Live

If you absolutely, positively can't wait for Google to formally announce the expected Google Pack, here's the URL. Dirson's the first I know to have spotted it, and it's popping up in other places. InsideGoogle references Dirson here, but the actual page itself at Dirson is down. Yeah, I know -- if is just redirecting to Google Accounts, perhaps that means it's no more real than redirecting to Rumors, rumors, right? Well, over at the New York Times, we've got unnamed Google executives being cited as confirming the Google Video plans while the official Google line is to say nothing. The story later gets into Google Pack. To be clear, the New York Times isn't saying just that unnamed sources are spilling the beans -- it's specifically saying that unnamed executives within Google are doing so.

Postscript: I should add that we're under embargo about the news that will come out today. Technically, our policy is that if a company briefing us itself breaks that embargo, we consider it off, as explained more here. And technically, Google execs themselves giving out details even unnamed pretty much should have us feeling that an embargo has been broken. But we'll stick with it. However, fair to say Google Pack is definitely coming giving that Google itself now has info available about it.

Postscript 2: Please see full details at Google Pack Offers 1-Stop Downloading Of Software and Google Video Store Opens

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