Microsoft Mix 06 Looks At Mashups, Web 2.0

Microsoft's Mix 06 event in March doesn't have much on search now other than letting Amazon pitch its Alexa Web Search Platform, but perhaps more will come later. The event really is focused on Microsoft taking the entire Web 2.0 thing and trying to make it its own. Seriously, they say that right here on the event blog:

Andy: Seems like everyone is desperate to take ownership of web 2.0 - and this conference looks like microsoft's effort pack it in and be more open to true collaboration and alternative considerations....!!

Ray: Hi Andy -- in fact, that's exactly our intention. We obviously have our own take on the Web and where it's going. I suspect that in some places we agree with Tim O'Reilly and his particular "Web 2.0" crowd and in some places we disagree. At MIX, though, we really do want to hear all the alterative viewpoints and so we thought it was important to make sure that Tim had a seat at the table.

That comment is a reference to Tim O'Reilly, who will be doing an unscripted one-on-one talk with Microsoft chairman Bill Gates at the conference.

You'll find the event home page here, agenda here, blog here. For details of sessions, head to hard to find session details page here. Here are the two sessions involving search so far:

Build Your Own Search Engine
Speaker: Jeff Barr (Amazon)

Amazon subsidiary is leveling the search playing field. For the first time, developers looking to build the next "big thing" in search or an ultra custom search engine have access to the 300 terabytes of Alexa crawl data, along with the utilities to search, process, and publish their own custom subset of the data-all at a reasonable price. Developers no longer need a million dollar budget or to reinvent the wheel designing search algorithms, to be able to build their own search engines or create customized Web services based on data from the Alexa crawl. As a full-service Web analysis and Web service publication platform, the Alexa Web Search Platform should allow any user with an Internet connection to access Web content on a large scale and provide new services or applications to the online community. Jeff Barr provides an overview of the Alexa API and shows developers and designers how to get on the new, leveled search playing field.

Making Your Site Look Great in IE7
Speaker: Markus Mielke Focus

In this session, learn how to build and maintain standards-based sites that work great in IE7. Learn how to take advantage of new capabilties such as better HTML and CSS standards support, RSS and Search integration, and new security features.