New Gossip Rag On Google Execs Dating

New gossip rag ValleyWag discloses that Google cofounder Larry Page and Google vice president of search products Marissa Mayer apparently used to date, backed up by an anonymous comment on a blog. Hey, that's not the only evidence! Apparently it's an open secret in Silicon Valley. Publications haven't reported this out of fear the Big G might get upset with them, ValleyWag helpfully explains.

Yep, these same publications had no problem slamming Google right and left when it had the gall to stop talking to after a privacy article involving Google CEO Eric Schmidt. But reporting the alleged love lives of Googlers? That would clearly be a step too far.

Meanwhile, expect Gray Hat News to step up and kick some ValleyWag butt shortly. Gurtie and Chris have been all over the Marissa scene from her birthday to her clothes as well as hard hitting interviews about user needs. ValleyWag isn't going to be able to walk into their territory without taking a blow. Gurtie's tough -- plus she's a Brit like ValleyWag's publisher Nick Denton. She can take 'em (FYI, for Nick's love life, you'll have to read Jossip here. I don't think he ever dated Larry, but I'm sure either Jossip or ValleyWag will let us know, if so).

Anyway, I've got it down now. Before asking about things like Chinese Censorship or AutoLink issues or whether partnering with AOL might impact Google's editorial quality, gotta ensure all interviews now cover past, current and future dating partners.