Eric Schmidt Clarifies Google & AOL's Roles at AOL

Nathan Weinberg points to a summary of Google's CEO Eric Schmidt's recent visit to AOL, where a difference between how each company defines "programmers" came up. Are programmers more about technology or programming content, asked AOL senior vice president Sree Kotay:

At AOL, we tend to have Programmers that offer our members a very managed experience that comforts them, whereas at Google, its much more automation and technology oriented - can you comment on this philosophy difference?

Eric Schmidt reportedly replied to that with the following statement;

"When you say Programmer and we say Programmer, we mean very different things... Does that answer the question?"

For many, Eric's reply perhaps did not answer the question. Kotay adds in comments after his original post:

I think he was pointing out, very succinctly, that the cultural values of our companies - reflected in the language we use in our everyday worklives - results in very different (no particular judgment implied) value propositions that we deliver to our partners and customers.