Rate Yahoo & MSN Evilness, Too

Remember Evil Or Not? That's the site we wrote about last month that lets you rate how evil (or not) Google is based on current news stories. Growing concern over evilness has allowed the site to grow rapidly into new areas. In addition to rating Google's evilness here, you can now rate Microsoft's evilness here and Yahoo's evilness here.

Once again, Ask Jeeves is in the tricky position of being left out. They aren't considered big enough to warrant evilness measurements. But then again, they're probably relieved that they aren't considered potentially evil enough for such ratings.

Trend charts on evil are available for each company in the upper-right hand corner of their respective sites. Google's actually on a bit of a downswing. C'mon. Someone please mash up Google's stock price with the evil scale. Doing a very rough comparison, I see a bit of a stock price dive during Google's evil spike. But then again, recently both evilness and the stock prices have been falling.

Keep in mind that Evil Or Not does NOT use EvilRank. EvilRank, as it's known around the 'plex, is an internally developed scale that Google uses to determine the potential consequences of its actions.

Keep in mind, it's actually EvilRank Beta. So while some might not agree that EvilRank worked well with the China decision, rest assured that EvilRank may improve over time and better keep Googlers out of evil's way.

If you're curious to know more about EvilRank, Gray Hat News managed to get the scoop on how it works. Details here; photo below:

Interestingly, Yahoo's Jeremy Zawodny shared on his personal blog how this same person recently lectured on evilness at Yahoo:

Jeremy will no doubt protest that he never actually said this person spoke at Yahoo. Jeremy will say he was simply referring to a Yoda versus Darth Vader PowerPoint face-off over at Presentation Zen. But the evidence is clear that Presentation Zen got its photo from someone upset about Darth making the rounds at search companies.

Look closely at the slide. Notice how it says

Search your feelings.

I've bolded the key word, Search. This isn't some funny, made up slide. This is actual evidence of Darth Vader pitching evil to our gatekeepers of the web. Why else would the word "search" be in his presentation?

Everyone will see the proof soon enough. One of these search companies will go with the "Search Your Feelings" in the near future, and now you'll know exactly where it came from.

Finally, with all this attention on being evil, it's worthwhile warning people against trying to buy or sell evilness on the web.

Yes, there are many evilness brokers out there promising to get your EvilRank higher through reciprocal evil trading, such as the dude in black above. But if this is spotted, you could be severely penalized. That's why you should make use of the noevil attribute, to transparently signal that you are buying evil rather than honestly earning evil the hard way.