Gone Fishin' (Well, Skiing)

I'm officially on vacation, headed to Vermont for a skiing trip with the family. I'll be off the web until Feb. 20. This is an exceptionally good time NOT to send me email, because when I get back, I'll have some serious digging out to do (my daily email load is covered here).

If you're after coverage, go to Chris Sherman instead! He's watching over our major coverage, while Barry & Jen are watching the blog posts.

If you're after me for SES NY conference stuff, it's done. Sessions are all filled, closed, locked down, tucked in and kissed good night. Those confirmed, if you've got any problems or issues, you know where to reach Karen, and she knows how to get me if needed.

If you want to hear me sing, I pity your ears. But some people think it's funny, so I suppose I ought to link to it as well.

If you want to hear more singing, tune into The Daily SearchCast, our daily podcast of search news. But not next week. It's on hiatus while I rest my voice on the slopes.

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