Google Officially Confirms Traffic-Power Ban From Index

Google's Matt Cutts has provided official confirmation of a ban on the Traffic-Power domain name and some Traffic-Power client sites. Matt writes about how Google hasn't usually confirmed or denied if a company has been banned in the past, but it's a policy now changing in cases where Google finds it useful to help educate site owners and others. As for Traffic-Power, Matt wrote:

I can confirm that Google has removed and domains promoted by Traffic Power from our index because of search engine optimization techniques that violated our webmaster guidelines at

Matt's post -- which he notes was reviewed by Google's lawyers -- was in reaction to a recent court filing in the case of Traffic-Power versus TrafficPowerSucks. As Threadwatch notes, the filing by Traffic-Power alleges that TrafficPowerSucks has made false and defamatory claims including:

a. Claims that the search engine giant Google has banned and is banning from its search engine listings websites of clients because of the search engine optimization strategies used by Plaintiff.

b. Claims that clients of run the risk of being banned from Google search engine listings if they use services

Fair to say, TrafficPowerSucks now has some pretty powerful evidence to refute the Traffic-Power allegations.

For background on the Traffic-Power suits against both TrafficPowerSucks and SEO Book's Aaron Wall, see these past posts:

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